The Life Righting Collective runs courses to encourage self-exploration through life writing, raises funds for course fees and brings people together to share their stories and grow community.

In this brand new experimental and experiential writing course we will explore our relationship with the natural world. We have done damage to ourselves and our home, the earth, by constructing the idea that human beings are separate from nature. Even our language betrays this attitude – we speak of nature and the environment as though it is ‘out there’.

Through our writing, we will get curious about the barriers we have created that keep us from feeling empathy and care for our natural habitat and our animal bodies. Through experiential exercises and writing, we will explore how the built environment, consumerism, ideas about time and our fears, anxieties, disgust and distrust keep us disconnected from resources that can nourish and support us.

The creative mind is a natural space where we can remake connections with the source of life as inclusive and sensory. Writing into our relationship with the elements, natural cycles and with life in all forms can help us live in a responsive and responsible way, taking better care of the two homes we inhabit until we die – our bodies and the earth, and our fellow creatures.

One course will take place hiking in a breathtakingly beautiful wilderness area near Hermanus over four days (next dates to be scheduled) and can accommodate three people of medium fitness.

The other will take place in four different locations in Cape Town on Wednesday afternoons and evenings for the lunar cycle of four weeks. This course can accommodate twelve participants and does not require fitness. There will also be a one-afternoon 'taster' session to promote the Root course in the next few months - watch this space for details.

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As the LRC spreads its wings, we need to grow our organisation so we're thrilled to have two newly qualified Life Righting course facilitators both of whom are on our Executive team as well:

Linda Kaoma

Linda is a poet, writer, projects and events manager in the arts. She is a Salzburg Global Seminars Fellow and a CNN-featured project manager with over eight years of experience in project and event management in the arts sector. In 2013, she performed in Amsterdam at the Afro Vibes Festival alongside Dutch poet Babs Gons, in a poetic production entitled Becoming Another, Becoming You.

She was a panellist and facilitator at the Open Book Festival in 2014, 2017 and 2018 and at the Franschhoek Literary Festival in 2015 and 2016. She’s also shared her work locally and in Austria, Ghana, and Kenya. Her work has been published on Unbranded Truth Online Magazine, which she founded and edited, on Badilisha Poetry X-change, and on the Life Righting Collective website, as well as in New Contrast. She is a contributing author to the Life Righting Collective's This is how it is anthology, with her hilarious piece “Mrs".

Giles Griffin

Giles was born in 1962 in Kent, aka the Garden of England, UK. Giles is a gay white male who likes food, wine and books. He was brought up mostly in the Midlands of England, spending time in London and the past 25 years in Cape Town. During this time, he worked as a copywriter for a variety of advertising agencies and for Triangle Project, whose focus is LGBTI health. He is moved by “nature, mothers, unspoken emotion, unjust oppression, a finely turned bicep and creativity - in particular gastronomic and literary innovation."

"Gone viral", whose opening passage appears in the LRC's first anthology, This is how it is, is a personal and public eulogy - both for those who have gone before and those who have survived the HIV pandemic.

Dawn Garisch has been incubating two fantastic new courses to launch in 2019 (with a third one to hatch soon).  If you've been wanting to take your writing to a fresh and dynamic new place then these 2 intriguing new approaches will help to invigorate your writing in the new year :

#1: My Life as a Work of Fiction

We all have unfinished business. We lie awake at night, not knowing how to proceed in a difficulty, our thoughts looping. We have done everything we can to try to resolve a seemingly insoluble problem. Writing can be helpful, bringing new information to the surface, changing anxiety into curiosity, and providing relief and well-being. We will start by identifying core conflicts in your life. These can feel too intransigent or overwhelming to write as memoir, or you might just want to explore them using a different tool. Giving the dilemma to fictional characters can provide the distance you need to expand and intensify the dramatic tensions, and to let the story unfold.

Imagination can switch off the rational, list-making, treadmill mind, allowing what we don’t know we don’t know about the situation to emerge.

You are welcome to stay with writing memoir as a means to explore and deepen your inquiry into the themes that bind your life. Beginner writers are welcome.

This is a 3-day course running over a weekend Fri- Sun from 9am - 3pm.

#2: Shape and Theme (Editing Course)

What are you writing about underneath what you are writing about? What story are you living through memoir or fiction? What is the best way to tell it?

This course is for writers who already have a folder of work. Over six consecutive Sunday evenings, you will discover more about the relationship between form, content and the underlying theme, and how to tell the story more effectively.

This course takes place over 6 consecutive Sunday evenings from 4pm - 7pm.

As this is intensive small group work, numbers will be limited. Please commit to at least 5 of the 6 sessions, as this is a process that requires continuity.

Check out the dates of our upcoming courses and book your courses here.

The Life Righting Collective runs courses to encourage self-exploration through life writing, raises funds for course fees and brings people together to share their stories and grow community.
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